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Alcohol And Drug Intervention

Alcohol And Drug Intervention

Getting an addicted loved one to accept professional help may not always be easy. When that’s the case, you may need to figure out how to do an intervention. This ensures you have the best chance of persuading them to go to rehab for their disease. Drug or alcohol addiction has adverse effects. It can affect a person’s physical and mental health, damage their career, and negatively impact their personal relationships.

If your loved one’s life is spiraling out of control due to addiction, we can help. At Addiction Interventions, our team provides professional alcohol and drug intervention services. Additionally, our intervention specialists can recommend an appropriate treatment facility to help a loved one overcome addiction.

Intervention FAQs

Below are answers to commonly asked addiction intervention questions, including how to do an intervention.

  • What is an Intervention?

An intervention is where family members or close friends rally together to face a person struggling with addiction. Those involved in an intervention have the best intentions when firmly addressing the addicted loved one. During the intervention, the people share their experiences about how the individual’s substance use disorder has adversely affected their shared relationships.

The goal is to make the addicted person see how drug or alcohol use negatively impacts their lives and those who love them. Typically, when someone is deep in addiction, all they care about is acquiring and using their substance of choice. An intervention gives you a chance to open their eyes so that the person can admit they require professional help.

  • When is it Time For an Intervention?

There are signs you can watch out for if you think your loved one is abusing alcohol or drugs. Some of the signs that your loved one desperately needs help include:

  • Increasing self-isolation
  • Extreme mood swings
  • Deteriorating physical and mental health
  • An increase in lying and manipulation
  • Missing for long periods with no genuine reason
  • Unexplained, severe financial problems
  • Inability to maintain a job
  • Denying addiction when it’s obvious
  • Uncontrollable alcohol or drug use
  • Hanging out with people who abuse alcohol or drugs
  • Their behavior is endangering themselves and your family
  • Previous conversations about accepting treatment didn’t work
  • Self-destructive behavior like engaging in criminal or immoral activity
  • You’re tired, scared, and frustrated by their addiction

What Does an Intervention Involve?

The first step is to gather close people and decide where, when, and how to stage an alcohol or drug abuse intervention. The next step is to contact an interventionist from one of the top drug and alcohol intervention programs for guidance. An experienced interventionist has experience in handling individuals with substance use disorders. They’ll work with everyone involved to create a plan. The plan will determine each individual's role and the end goal. An addiction intervention specialist will also make sure the necessary steps are carefully and well laid out to make your intervention a success.

Let Us Help You and Your Loved One

At Addiction Interventions, we know that addiction affects an individual and their loved ones. Our alcohol and drug intervention will provide the tools needed to convince your addicted loved one to seek treatment, so they recover and also help your family move forward. Speak with an addiction intervention specialist now: 866-584-2525.

Alcohol And Drug Intervention

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