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Drug Treatment San Diego

Passing through co-occurring disorder treatment is no doubt, a challenging period for people struggling with mental health and substance use. One of the challenges usually associated with drug treatment in San Diego is pain and irritability.

Pain, whether on the physical or emotional level, has the tendency to drive people to use addictive substances. While drugs such as opioids are often used to manage this pain, there is a real risk of unwittingly getting patients addicted to these painkillers. In consideration of the above, medical practitioners involved in drug treatment San Diego services prefer to use non-drug alternative methods. Here are some of these natural alternatives and why they are important.


For thousands of years, yoga has benefitted people from all around the world in different ways, ranging from the physical to the psychological. This practice aims at harnessing the power of the mind to improve the health, soundness, and serenity of the body.

Yoga exercises typically involve breathing exercises, physical relaxation, meditation, and slight physical exercises such as stretching. This practice strengthens people mentally, giving them the psychological willpower that they need to cope with pain. Yoga is particularly useful for dual diagnosis addiction treatment as it promotes a type of healing that affects both the mind and body.


This means deliberately concentrating one’s attention on the present, avoiding negative thoughts. Exponents of mindfulness as a form of pain therapy believe that by focusing one’s mind on the moment, negative emotions such as stress and anxiety which are often linked to pain can be prevented.

When the mind is successfully “tamed” through mindfulness, people can perceive their pain less.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

This method is geared at reducing the level of pain that people feel by shielding the mind from the behaviors and ideas that trigger it. CBT is based on the notion that experiences are largely functions of the mind and therefore, pain perception can be mitigated by training the mind for this.

People undergoing CBT in co-occurring addiction treatment centers are encouraged to monitor and record their thoughts which are linked with pain. These records are then analyzed by experts who proceed to recommend strategies on how to avoid these thoughts. CBT is useful for managing stress, pain and anxiety.

At Northbound’s centers for substance use and co-occurring mental disorders treatment, these methods described above are utilized. Using natural pain relief keeps clients safe from pharmaceutical painkillers which can be addictive.

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Drug Treatment San Diego

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