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Long Beach Shingles Treatment

Long Beach Shingles Treatment

Shingles is a neuropathic disease caused by the destruction and damage of nerve endings. This process causes numbness, severe hypersensitivity and pain. The condition restricts blood flow to the area, perpetuating the pain. The cryotherapy treatment causes an increase blood flow to the area, allowing a decrease in the pain and improving quality of life.

Traditional cold therapy has been used for centuries for pain treatment with great success. However, these methods do not allow for the treated area to reach optimal low temperatures which causes an increase of blood flow. This increase helps remove toxic material from the areas effected by shingles.

Our cryotherapy device has a sensor in the machine that measures the skin temperature and turns off the device if the temperature drops below safe levels.

The patient is assessed for their pain condition to see if our cryptherapy procedure is likely to help with the patient's condition. After the initial assesment, a treatment plan is tailored to the unique needs of each patient.

The number and duration of sessions will be established at the initial visit.

Long Beach Shingles Treatment

Cryotherapy Pain Management


Long Beach Shingles Treatment

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