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Outpatient Therapy Boise Id

Outpatient Therapy Boise Id

Valley Views is one of the finest rehab centers to offer exceptional outpatient therapy in Boise, ID. We offer a wide range of rehabilitation and skilled nursing services under one roof at affordable prices.

Benefits of occupational therapy for elderly

Occupational therapy helps develop, regain, and maintain the skills required to engage in day to day activities and lead an independent life. OT can offer exceptional benefits to seniors; some of them include:

  1. Overcome everyday challenges – Occupational therapy involves an array of cognitive, physical, and rehabilitation exercises that help seniors improve their performance in day to day life. It enables older adults to be more self-sufficient and improves their range-of-motion.
  2. Prevents falls – OT exercises train seniors on improving balance, focus, stability, and awareness. This helps prevent falls and loss of balance in seniors. We also engage our senior residents in regular physical activity that revolves around muscle building, core strengthening, and improving endurance.
  3. Memory rehabilitation – While most seniors suffer from problems like a decline in cognitive abilities, memory loss, and lack of judgment or decision-making skills, OT intervention can help in improving their focus, concentration, and memory. We engage our elderly residents in a series of memory-enhancing activities to improve their mental abilities.

We offer evidence-based and result-driven occupational therapy as a part of outpatient therapy in Boise, ID. Our team of staff work consistently to improve the quality of life in older adults with occupational, speech, cognitive, and physical therapy sessions.

Helping a loved one with dementia

Watching a loved one deal with dementia can be devastating. However, you need to prepare yourself, and your loved one’s environment for the condition as dementia can be a progressive illness. Caring for a relative with dementia is a physically demanding and emotionally strenuous task, leading caregivers through a roller coaster of feelings. 

Make sure to develop your knowledge about the condition by participating in caregiver education programs. Take time off from your caregiver duties, at least once a week by placing your loved one in a respite care or adult care facility. Join a support group where you can socialize with other caregivers dealing with similar challenges like you.

Home remedies for dementia

Dementia can progress over time, and it is important to engage patients in a variety of therapies such as occupational, speech, and cognitive therapy, to minimize the symptoms of their condition. We offer outpatient therapy to dementia patients to help them manage and deal with the condition in a safe, calm, and composed fashion.

Caregivers at home can enhance communication in dementia patients by speaking slowly in simple sentences and by maintaining eye contact with them during conversations. Involve them in regular exercise or physical activity of some kind as it protects the brain function and helps manage restlessness in memory loss patients.

Speak to one of us at Valley Views today for more details on our outpatient therapy in Boise, ID. Our team of highly compassionate clinical and non-clinical staff offers unsurpassable medical care and support.

Outpatient Therapy Boise Id

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Outpatient Therapy Boise Id

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