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Arnica: Why it’s an Ingredient in Our Miracle Nerve Cream

Arnica is a homeopathic herb used to treat aches and pains. It has anti-inflammatory properties which are believed to ease muscle and joint pain, as well as heal bruising. Arnica is safest when used topically. It’s rarely used internally because it can cause side effects like dizziness, tremors and heart irregularities. 

Each ingredient in Neuro Health’s Miracle Nerve Cream has been carefully chosen, and arnica is one of them. Let’s learn more about arnica, what it’s used for and the benefits to expect. 

What is Arnica? Where Does it Come From? 

Arnica comes from the sub-alpine regions of western North America and can be found in Europe, Asia and North America. The plants have long, daisy-like leaves that are bright orange or yellow. These plants have some anti-inflammatory properties because of the ingredient helenalin

Helenalin must be diluted, otherwise it can irritate the skin. As long as it’s diluted, the herb can be used to promote healing. With arnica, less is more. Just a very small dose of the herb is effective. Given how addictive pain medications can be, many people turn to arnica as an alternative form of treatment. 

Types of Problems Arnica Can Help With

Arnica is used topically in creams, gels and ointments like our Miracle Nerve Cream. Here are some of the problems that it can help with. 

  • Pain and inflammation. Arnica is well known for its anti-inflammatory properties. It can ease pain and inflammation due to its flavonoids, phenolic acids and other plant compounds. 
  • Nerve pain. Like other herbs, arnica improves circulation and decreases inflammation, allowing the nerves to heal faster. 
  • Bruising/swelling. Because arnica is rich in helenalin, it can relieve swelling and heal bruising by stimulating the body’s white blood cells. 
  • Hair loss. Arnica is found in many shampoos and hair products because it nourishes the scalp and may stimulate hair follicles that support healthy hair growth. 
  • Muscle soreness. The anti-inflammatory properties found in arnica also work to reduce muscle soreness and pain related to sports injuries. 

How to Take Arnica Safely for Nerve Pain 

Arnica is safe when properly diluted and applied topically. At Neuro Health, we include arnica as one of the main ingredients in our Miracle Nerve Cream. Other ingredients include turmeric, MSM and Vitamins B6 and E. These ingredients work together to provide fast pain relief, a cooling sensation and a calming effect.

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