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Why is Peripheral Nerve Pain So Difficult to Treat?

Peripheral neuropathy has a number of causes, such as chemotherapy, excessive alcohol use or damage to the nervous system. It can be a debilitating condition because the pain is difficult to treat and manage. Doctors often start patients on conservative treatments, but they typically don’t work as well as patients need them to. 

Nerve pain can cause burning, stabbing or electrical shocks. Unfortunately, there is no ‘off’ button for these symptoms, which causes people to live in fear of their next attack. And because nerve pain can’t be ‘seen’, it’s difficult for family and friends to understand. 

Let’s learn more about why nerve pain is challenging to treat, and how you can find relief for nerve pain

The pain is inside the body. 

When a person feels pain, it means there is some disturbance to the body. Some disturbances are easier to diagnose and treat because doctors can see them, such as a broken arm or a cut that needs stitches. Nerve pain, on the other hand, takes place inside the body. It doesn’t show up on an x-ray or blood test, so doctors rely on the patient’s symptoms. 

Doctors will take the pain seriously, but they typically recommend conservative treatments like soaking in a tub, walking, getting extra rest and eating a healthy diet. While these actions do have their benefits, they often do very little to get rid of nerve pain. Instead, they keep the body stronger so that it’s easier to tolerate the pain. 

The nervous system is complex. 

The nervous system is the most complex and highly organized system in the body. It is responsible for regulating and coordinating body activities. To do this, the nerves send electrical signals to and from the glands, cells and muscles. The nerves themselves receive information from what’s around them. 

When a patient is seeking relief from nerve pain, they typically want a quick solution. And that’s understandable, considering nerve pain is debilitating. But due to the complexity of the nervous system and not knowing which nerves are causing the problem, there is no single pill or treatment that solves all symptoms.

There are individual differences in pain.

Unlike a ruptured appendix that can be seen in imaging and treated with surgery, you can’t see neuropathy, so it becomes incredibly personal. By definition, pain is subjective and personal, and this presents a challenge for researchers and doctors. 

For this reason, many nerve treatments focus on relaxing the mind and body. If a patient is able to calm themselves, the hope is that they can decrease pain and help it pass. However, patients are often left feeling frustrated, as the therapies do very little to help.

Safe, Effective Supplements and Cream for Neuropathy 

Neuro Health is pleased to offer safe, effective solutions for treating nerve pain. Our founders have lived with nerve pain, so we understand how deliberating it can be. We have worked with a naturopathic doctor to formulate a supplement and cream to relieve nerve pain. We are so confident in our products, we offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee. 

Talk to your doctor about trying our neuropathy cream and/or supplement, or contact us to learn more about our proprietary formula. We are here to help and share with the world what has worked for us! 

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