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Top 5 Signs You May be Suffering from Nerve Pain

Neurons look a lot like trees and connect to other cells with branches that act like wires in an electrical circuit. These branches carry impulses that cause you to feel sensation, emotion, thought and action. When everything is working correctly, your organs function properly and your brain is able to recognize pain. But if the nerves suffer damage, it can lead to a wide range of problems like pain and discomfort. 

Nerve pain is usually easy to spot because it is so uncomfortable. But because each person is unique and processes pain differently, it may not be obvious that your pain is actually coming from your nerves. Below are five signs that you may be suffering from nerve pain. 

1. Numbness, Tingling or Burning

This sensation is an early sign of nerve damage. It may radiate from your hands or feet into your arms and legs. If the feeling of pins and needles doesn’t go away, contact your doctor. It’s possible that you have a pinched nerve causing pressure to your nerves, or you may have an underlying medical condition. 

2. Traumas You Don’t Remember 

Are you noticing that your body has burns, cuts and other trauma that you don’t remember happening? The reason why is because you couldn’t feel the pain when it happened! For example, you may have grabbed a hot dish without realizing it, leaving behind a burn. This means that your nerves aren’t sending the proper signals to your brain. 

3. Clumsy – Loss of Balance and Falling 

If you’re suddenly falling or stumbling a lot, it’s not because you’re clumsy. There’s probably something else going on. If the large nerves affecting sensation are damaged, then it’s difficult for the body to sense its position. This means you may not know where you are walking, making it easier to trip and fall. 

4. Extreme Sensitivity 

The peripheral nervous system includes all the nerves outside of your brain and spinal cord. If they become damaged or diseased, they can cause hyperesthesia, or heightened sensitivity. With hyperesthesia, one or more of your senses goes into overdrive and develops extreme sensitivity to stimuli like touch, light, sound and temperature. 

5. Dropping Things with Your Hands 

With peripheral neuropathy, many people report having weak hands. They drop things because their hands are weak and numb due to the nerve damage. It’s also common to have burning, stabbing or shooting pain in the hands. Another reason for this type of pain is carpal tunnel syndrome, which is caused by pressure on the median nerve. 

Find Relief for Your Nerve Pain 

Living with nerve damage is not easy, but you are not alone. Millions of people suffer with nerve damage every year. So what are people like you doing to help their nerve pain? There are many lifestyle modifications you can make to ease symptoms (exercise, lose weight), but you don’t have to wait around for pain relief. 

Neuro Health offers our Miracle Nerve Cream and Neuropathy Support Formula. They contain safe, all-natural ingredients that support healthy nerves and decrease pain. There is absolutely no risk in trying our products – they are backed by our 100% guarantee – so contact us today! 

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