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What Is Neuropathy?

Raising Awareness for Neuropathy

Neuropathy is an extremely common condition, affecting over three million people every year. While you may not know what neuropathy is, or what it does, chances are that you know somebody who is affected by neuropathy. 

People suffering from this condition suffer from pain every single day, and in some cases it can result in disability. Raising awareness for neuropathy is important, so we can realize the struggle that many people undertake every single day living with this condition.

So what exactly is neuropathy? What causes it? All these questions and more will be answered down below. 

What is Neuropathy? 

Neuropathy, or peripheral neuropathy, is a result of nerve damage outside of the brain or spine. The nerves outside of the brain and spine are called peripheral nerves, hence the name peripheral neuropathy. Neuropathy causes feelings of extreme pain or numbness in the affected areas. Some of the most commonly affected areas are the hands and feet, but this condition can appear anywhere there is nerve damage.

While pain and numbness are often the most common symptoms, there are a variety of symptoms that people experiencing this condition can have. Some of the symptoms include:

  • Itchiness
  • “Pins-and-needles” Sensations
  • Sudden, Intermittent Pain
  • Muscle Spams or Cramping
  • And more

It’s important to keep an eye out for these symptoms, as neuropathy worsens over time. The earlier it is treated, the more manageable the symptoms are. If you think you are experiencing neuropathy, contact your doctor for a consultation.

 What Causes Neuropathy?

There are a variety of reasons somebody may experience neuropathy. Oftentimes it is indicative of a deeper problem, something that has caused nerve damage. One of the most common causes of neuropathy is diabetes. High blood sugar levels, as found in people with diabetes, damage the blood vessels that supply your nerves with blood. Over time, this causes neuropathy. 

Other common causes of neuropathy include traumatic injuries, autoimmune diseases, and infections. If you think you are experiencing neuropathy, it’s important to let your doctor know. While neuropathy is not curable, the causing conditions often are, and while not neuropathy is painful, it is not deadly. On the other hand, some of the causing conditions can be.

How To Treat Neuropathy

While neuropathy is not curable, that doesn’t mean you have to live with it every day. Thanks to modern medicine there are a plethora of options that can help you deal with, and even eliminate nerve pain. Some people may try to push prescription medications like painkillers and anti-depressants as the best way to deal with this condition, but we don’t agree. 

At NeuroHealth we specialize in making supplements that are specifically designed to target and eliminate symptoms of neuropathy. Our supplements are made completely natural, not using compounds or chemicals built in a lab. You can be sure that when you use NeuroHealth, you’re specifically targeting neuropathy.

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Now that you know a little bit more about neuropathy, you can be on the lookout for this condition in yourself and others around you. If you are experiencing neuropathy, you don’t have to suffer in silence. With options like NeuroHealth, nerve pain will be a thing of the past.

Are you ready to get started? If so, contact NeuroHealth today!

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