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Our Co-Founder Dan had been suffering from Neuropathy for many years. His foot pain was so severe that he could not sleep at night or even walk without constant pain and numbness. Several times he ended up in the wound care department at the hospital after going to the emergency room. He tried many medications and supplements to ease his pain and discomfort. He analyzed the ingredients of the supplements that supplied neuropathy pain relief and he thought “I think we can do better.”

We contacted a Naturopathic Doctor with many years of experience in formulating supplements and he agreed to help create a powerful and safe formula. He connected us with an experienced manufacturer in the United States with a FDA inspected and GMP certified facility. We were then ready to share our Neuropathy Support Formula with the world!

Frequently we get calls and emails from our customers telling us how they are getting pain relief from neuropathy by using our neuropathy supplement! These stories warm our hearts! This is what keeps us going every day!

This blog was created so we can share stories, articles, testimonials and other bits of information that we hope you find useful. We will cover topics such as neuropathy pain relief, nutrition, neuropathy from diabetes, neuropathy feet treatment, exercise and more. We hope you enjoy!

You can always call us at (888) 328-1110, email us at, or BUY NOW. We love hearing from you so please email us your story as it relates to our neuropathy natural treatment!

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Can Neuropathy Be Reversed?

If you suffer from neuropathy, you’ve probably wondered many times if it can be cured. Neuropathy is a tricky thing because there’s an underlying cause

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Natural Neuropathy Pain Relief

Neuropathy, or peripheral neuropathy, results from nerve damage that typically causes pain and numbness in your extremities, typically the hands and feet. Peripheral nerves (motor

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Nerve Support Formula

Your nervous system deserves just as much support as the rest of your body. You can supply it with this support by supporting your nerves.

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Neuropathy for Diabetes

Those who suffer from diabetes also tend to suffer from other chronic conditions such as neuropathic pain. This pain is unbearable but can be kept

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Neuropathy Pain Relief

Neuropathy is a tremendously painful condition that causes burning or shooting pain as well as numbness. If you suffer with Neuropathy pain, you understand how

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